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Tunnel Communication

A tunnel communication system has become an essential piece of tunneling through mountains and mining sites in a coordinated effort. Tunnel communication systems are a unique solution for managing the problem of solving communications issues in mining. Mining environments require extensive communication and this is not always easy in construction sites where projects can extend kilometers underground. The environments make it difficult to implement various elements of construction and make sure that all of the teams are coordinated and effectively communicating. As vehicles can travel extremely efficiently it’s not easy to make sure that workers and vehicles are out of harm’s way without some form of deep real-time communication.

A tunnel communication system is a module that uses a high frequency radio system with a two-way level of communication without a traditional radio or landline telephone system. TCS systems are made with a wireless repeater system that allows voice communication outside of the tunnel and it worked as an excellent alternative to traditional telephone or radio communications that would otherwise be effective in a tunneling site. TCS systems offer a series of features that can improve the construction processing tunnel and mining sites and it can also reduce the risk of injuries on mining sites as well.

Using advanced wireless communication systems can make sure that safety is improved at every level of the mining site. Heavy construction vehicles and equipment require ongoing communication and the radio repeaters will allow for communication outside of the tunnel as well as the deep end of the tunnel system. These types of communications are instrumental in remote locations and times where vehicles are going to require communication in the tunnels. TCS frequencies are considerably lower than most radio systems and there’s no need for a direct installation or landline. TCS  frequencies can also continue to work in smaller size mines as well as large-scale industrial sites where power supplies are not always reliable. These systems work well in remote locations and they can use a cellular-based system that’s suitable for any mining site. 

The tunnel communication system can be placed on board a tunneling vehicle or it can be run through a series of modules throughout the tunnel system. Providing continuous two-way communication between these supervisors, excavators, operators and managers is important and with these tools, you can make sure that every level of communication and coordination takes place amongst your staff. 

If you’re interested in installing these communication support items in your mining site, we are ready to showcase the best product for your needs. Contact our team today and we can show you the best new communication tools in the mining industry. We have years of experience installing communications tools throughout mining sites across the world. With the help of our team, we can set you up with the best in communication, alarms, inspection systems and more. We want to improve the safety of mining sites and industrial sites across the world and with our systems, you can enjoy crystal clear communications and monitoring.

What Is The Purpose of A Leaky Feeder?

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What Is The Purpose of A Leaky Feeder?

Leaky feeder communication systems are underground mining solutions using tunnel environments. These systems are used by cabling professionals and manufacturers to provide a system designed for optimal communications. Coaxial cable is not generally designed to provide quality communications but a leaky feeder system can provide a cable run along with a series of titles that receives radio waves and functions like an antenna. The cable is leaky as it has slots and gaps along the outer conductor which allows for the radio signal to leak out or leak into the cable along the length. The entire cable can become somewhat of an antenna for radio signal and provide a simple system of communications reportable transceivers carried by personnel. Transmissions from the receivers are picked up by the feeder and carried to other parts of the tunnel along with two-way communication and throughout the entire radiating line. Signal loss along the feeder does occur but this is usually at frequencies under 1 GHz. Installing a series of repeaters throughout the network line retains a clear signal and ensures that signals of almost any type can be transmitted along the lines in perfect clarity. Various antennas are often included in the system to provide a higher frequency band of communication. Here we talk about the purpose of a leaky feeder system!

Leaky feeder communications are quite common in the mining industry and they are used as a tool for wireless communication between miners. The system is used for primary communication where the transceiver is small enough to be comfortably worn by each minor throughout an entire shift. These systems of communication can often include headset communication or a small walkie-talkie which is easy for communicating through daily use in the tunnel and even in industrial communications as well. Leaky feeder communications are often delivered in up to 4G coverage and they provide a distributed system of communication that can work for everything from industrial buildings to mining sites. With coordination in antennas and repeaters signals can be booted even in some of the most hostile environments on Earth. 

Leaky feeders today have been more like to include piddling communications for an underground network that is in New York subways or the London tunnel system. Features have also been modified with metallic strips and radiofrequency identifying data, this can help with monitoring and repairing the network as well as with the process of inventorying various tools used in mining and industrial sites. These types of improvements to Leaky feeder systems represent revolutionary new ways that companies are working to improve efficiency and the quality of communication throughout industrial sites worldwide.

If you’d like to learn more about the purpose of leaky feeder systems for your business or you’re curious about how these systems could be integrated into your industrial site, contact us today to learn more. We have been establishing leaky feeder communication systems and radio communication systems that work for major industrial sites for decades. We are ready to introduce new systems that could improve the safety of your mining site.

Becker Communications Gas Monitoring System

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Becker Communications Gas Monitoring System

Becker Communications Gas Monitoring System has become a crucial step to measuring the levels of gasses inside and outside of buildings as well as across mining sites. These monitoring support items are regularly installed on-site by contractors and designed by engineering firms to ensure that there is no leakage of gas and the ideal construction safety requirements at any time for a business. These are systems that are typically used in construction sites and mining sites to make sure the levels of gasses can be kept to a minimum. 

Gas leaks are extremely detrimental to the health of workers and they can be a huge risk to any mining site. Gas monitoring systems can keep these risks down and ensure that workers can operate under conditions that do not incur an extra risk and with all appropriate safety measures taken.

Gas monitoring systems vary widely but with the help of our gas monitoring systems, we can make sure that every level of gas in the environment can be detected accordingly and that all of the readings can be sent back to a central computer or control center for complete analysis. Our gas monitoring systems include CO2 gas detection alarm, methane gas detection alarm, BOC gas detection alarm, and more. We provide a fixed monitor this done that’s innovative and low-cost and we can monitor the chemicals in the air for employees working in a confined area. Reducing the hazardous levels of chemical gas exposure by up to 90% and with Bluetooth energy technology to transmit your data the compatible devices, we can offer an affordable solution that monitors gas exposure in the workplace. 

Gas detection equipment can check for the signs of toxic organic compound gas as well as check for harmful gases like acetone, formaldehyde, and more. Monitoring the exposure to these harmful gases and making sure that there is a limit of exposure to these harmful ingredients is very important for the future of your business. 

The sealed design of our gas monitor ensures that this is a tamperproof design which is also extremely powerful for use at any workplace. It can be installed even in tight spaces and provide instant notification of hazardous gas exposure. With the many benefits that this system can provide in the mining industry, we can offer you the best in support for your needs in mining and with high-quality gas monitoring.

Becker Communications Gas Monitoring System can ensure that people in your workplace will stay safe. The system can be used in any construction zone and with the goal of taking all proper safety measures when needed. Contact us today to learn more about our gas monitoring systems. 

The Importance of Radio Communication In Tunnels

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The Importance of Radio Communication In Tunnels

Radio communication in tunnels is a requirement for mining sites. Electronic communications have taken over for mining sites in emergencies, from radio support, and more. Walkie-talkies or cell phones have been rendered as an inefficient manner for many mining sites to communicate. With the majority of mining sites turning to a low-frequency radio or wifi emergency signal in tunnels, we are seeing changes to the nature of mining communications worldwide.

Low frequency radio communication in tunnel sites keeps work safer and it ensures that miners can maintain communications even through extensive rocks and deep mining sites. Enabling communication can ensure that emergency personnel can be reached, that workers are able to reach people in the tunnels and that ongoing communication and productivity are maintained. 

Radio communication needs to be maintained for safety, as well as for visibility in any mining site. Communication can be difficult in mining sites with a wealth of equipment as well as with many areas that could be hidden from view. Heavy traffic throughout a busy mining site will require communication and radio communication provides a sense of security for many workers throughout a tunnel. If there is an emergency in a tunnel or a type of evacuation that may be required, a radio could serve as a lifeline for a group of people in a tunnel setting. 

People will need to stay informed in a tunnel and radio will help direct the evacuation. Radios can ensure that all workers can follow the appropriate directions for their equipment and be directed throughout the process.

For traffic flow, radios are also important. Whether you are going to be moving material from deep in the mine site or bringing new equipment down, sometimes heavy equipment will need to be directed and areas need to be kept clear. Having reliable communications for these times can ensure that there is no difficulty with traffic jams and ensure that everyone can be well managed in a mining site.

Seamless Communication In Mining Tunnels

The communication process for mining tunnels is as seamless as picking up a cell phone in most cases. Tunnel workers are able to pick up devices and speak with clarity. The base station or communications hub will have access to all the information that is needed instantly and the teams can communicate effectively through the devices provided. Radio communications are bolstered by antennas on the ground or throughout the mining site to boost the low frequency radio, there could also be a series of wifi hubs for communication backup and data transfer. 

If you are interested in learning more about mining communications and tunnel radios, contact us today. We can assess your business for mining communications support and tunnel radios to outfit your company. 

All About Smartblast Remote Firing Device

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Smartblast Remote Firing Device

When tunneling and mining, you must have the best tools and communications quality. One of the most crucial pieces of technology in many mining sites today is a reliable remote firing device with a complete communications system. Our smartblast remote firing device is a system that provides reliable firing support and communications in mining sites throughout the world. 

Two-Way Communications and Safe Firing Device

The Smartblast remote firing device is a revolutionary system that includes two-way communications as well as a reliable and safe cost-efficient firing device. Our system includes an automatic disarm complete with a timer and it can be configured for shock tube and electric detonation. 

Smartblast is a system that works in conjunction with a leaky feeder system in mining. The two-way blast control ensures that this is a device that can be used in surface applications as well as in underground mining applications. The leaky feeder integration provides support for increased safety and the microprocessor and validation ensure the device is going to offer an improved level of reliability in challenging environments. 

Smartblast Remote Firing Device

Reduced Risk of Misfires and Delays

Smart blast safety reduces the risk for misfires and charge issues. The two-way communication and remote status ensures that the entire system can be monitored and improved for safe and accountable detonation. The smartblast system reduces misfires and it eliminates the chance for production delays as well. There is a chance to minimize ground stress and a reduction in face blasts within any sequence.

Even with all of this technology to improve reliability, this is a device that is completely portable and cost-effective. The smart blast system works with an existing leaky feeder system to cut costs and improve the reliability of blasts refuse. There is less infrastructure and blast wire required and the payback for the system takes just weeks rather than months with a traditional wired system. 

The flexibility and safety that you can access here are highly cost-effective, safe, and extremely useful for a wide range of mining sites. The safety features on these devices measure seismic forces that can turn off the device and prevent detonation. Full monitoring and communications prevent unsafe blasts and deliver an automatic disarm function as required. 

Smartblast Remote Firing Device

Increased Firing Capacity and Controller Upgradability

Sequential fire supports and an active LCD display ensure that there is an increased firing capacity and a system that allows for up to 75 electric caps and a full detonation process. The controller can also be upgraded to eliminate the need for multiple controllers and allow for greater detonations. 

If you are interested in a smart and safe device for controlled remote detonations, this is the ideal controller for your needs. The added safety that this can provide and the flexibility that it can add to your mining site can be immeasurable. If you would like to add this solution to your business contact us today to learn more. 

Smartblast Remote Firing Device

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