• Up to four different gases in one compact monitor • Additional analog / digital inputs • Unique 360° Alarm® • Auto adjustable backlight • Programmable alarm set points • Calibration record, Alarm history

The Smartsense® Fixed Monitor SSFM-100 is an all-in-one gas monitoring system allowing for up to four integrated gas sensors into a compact package, with true flexibility and reliability for environmental monitoring.

The configurable multi-gas, four-channel high accuracy gas monitor with full range temperature compensation and its unique 360° Alarm® function is capable of monitoring any combination of gases and with a wide range of external inputs allowing for customer expansion.

The Smartsense® fixed monitor SSFM-100 gas monitoring system with its integrated controller functions as a black box storing critical information such as Calibration Record, Alarm History, and Data logging for post-accident investigation.

Three fully programmable alarm set points for Alarm and Output controls along with Short Term Exposure Limit (STEL) and Time Weighted Average (TWA) limits are displayed on the extra larger LCD display making it possible to view the reading from up to 5M away.

The auto-adjustable backlight makes it suitable for both underground and surface applications, with a wide range of mounting and connectivity accessories.


ELECTRICAL PARAMETERS Power Supply 9 to 24Vdc – Non-IS 9 to 17Vdc IS Current Consumption <25mA @ 24Vdc <35mA @ 15Vdc Operating Temperature – 20 ~ + 40 °C Humidity 90% Non-Condensing IP Rating IP67.


Carbon Monoxide CO 0-50ppm 0-100ppm 0-500ppm 0-1000ppm Oxygen O2 0-25% Methane CH4 0-5% v/v 0-100% v/v Carbon Dioxide 0-5% v/v Additional Gase Available Sulphur Dioxide SO2 Hydrogen Sulphide H2S Nitrogen Dioxide NO2 Temperature Humidity Air Velocity.


Connectivity RS485 Modbus External Inputs 2 x Digital Input 1 x Analogue Input (4-20mA or 0.4 – 2Vdc) External Outputs 2 x Independent Programmable Digital Output Connectors Quick Connectors or Glands.

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