UHF Low Loss Leaky Feeder Cable

UHF Low Loss Leaky Feeder Cable: Delivering Clear and Uninterrupted Communication


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UHF Low Loss Leaky Feeder Cable is a type of communication cable that is used in underground mines to provide reliable communication throughout the mining operation. The cable is designed to transmit radio signals, which are used for voice communication, data transfer, and monitoring systems.

The UHF Low Loss Leaky Feeder Cable is a unique design that consists of an outer sheath, which acts as a shield, and an inner conductor that is used to transmit signals. The cable is filled with a dielectric material, which ensures that the signal remains consistent throughout the cable’s length.

The UHF Low Loss Leaky Feeder Cable is particularly useful in underground mining operations, where traditional communication methods such as radios or telephones are not always reliable due to the thick rock formations that can interfere with signals. The cable is installed along the mining tunnels and works by radiating the signal along the entire length of the cable, allowing communication to take place at any point along the cable.

This Low Loss Leaky Feeder Cable is available in a range of different sizes and lengths, making it a versatile option for underground mining operations of any size. The cable is also durable and designed to withstand harsh mining conditions, ensuring that it can provide reliable communication throughout the entire operation.


UHF Low Loss Leaky Feeder Cable



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  • Inner conductor: Φ4.80mm/ copperclad aluminum wire
  • Dielectric: Φ12.30mm/ physical foaming PE
  • Outer conductor: Φ13.80mm/ corrugated copper tube slot (Milled: two-row)
  • Jacket: Φ15.70mm/ PEblackor Halogen free

Technical specification: Impedance: 50±2 Ohm Capacitance: 76.0 pF/m Velocity of propagation: 86% Insulation resistance: ≥5000MOhm.km Jacket spark: 8.0 KV Insulation voltage: 6.0 KV DC resistance inner conductor: ≤ 1.50 Ohm/km DC resistance outer conductor: ≤ 3.50 Ohm/km V.S.W.R.: 0~2400 MHz, ≤1.30 Attenuation (20℃): ≤MHz dB/100m Minimum bending radius: 50mm 150 MHz 3.10 Tensile strength: 1000N 450 MHz 5.70 900 MHz 8.30 1800 MHz 13.10 2200 MHz 14.80 2400 MHz 16.50 Packing: 305m / 350m / 500m PER ROLL Customer Roll lengths also available SHAOXING SHIHANG ELECTRONIC CABLE CO., LTD www.shihang-cable.com NO.1821 WEST RENMIN RD, SHANGYU, ZHEJIANG, CHINA TEL:+86 57



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