Underground Radio Communication System

Underground Radio Communication System

Unleashing the Power of Underground Radio Communication for Seamless Connectivity


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What is the Industrial Underground Radio Communication System? The Industrial Underground Radio Communication System (IURCS) is a communication protocol that specifies establishing communication between two points or across one point in large industrial plants. It provides a standard method for avoiding radio interference and equipment failure and efficiently managing plant-wide communications.

The Underground Radio Communication standard is divided into five parts to ensure interoperability; thus, they are often referred to as “Inverter-Based Resources” (IBR). 

The five parts are:

1: Radio interface and protocol stack.

2: Command and control center.

3: Space segmentation.

4: VHF Transmission System.

5: UHF Transmission System for large-scale applications.

IURCS is a standard for underground radio communication systems created by the IEC. It has been established to avoid interference problems with all other wireless devices in plants (industrial and non-industrial) and other forms of wired communications such as power lines, control systems, etc.

Why Is The Underground Radio Communication Systems Important?

Radio spectrum is a scarce resource. It is, therefore, necessary to use it efficiently and avoid interference problems with other means of communication.

This standard specifies a method for avoiding radio interference and equipment failure and efficiently managing plant-wide communications.

Radio signals are relatively immune to physical disturbances such as temperature, humidity, or air pressure variations, or ionizing radiation in the atmosphere used by industrial communications systems.

History of Underground Mining Communication

The ability to communicate important information to mine workers in the tunnels or pits is always a requirement for mine operators. In Kimberley in the late 1800s, there were hundreds of communication lines that ran through the large hole. To relay messages, a bell-like or knock system, as well as a morse code-like bell, was used. Today, radio technology has made it possible to combine radio with wired and wireless communications media such as PABX extension, cellular telephony, and landline. Radios that are connected to a network of suitable design can call a GSM or PABX extension and vice versa. A radio network can link a miner underground to a medical emergency center hundreds of kilometers away, providing instant assistance in the event of an emergency.

How Does The Underground Radio System Work?

  1. The system contains a group of base stations (BSTs) and remote terminals (RTs).
  2. An RT is a small unit with an Omnidirectional antenna operating on the VHF or UHF band.
  3. The BST controls the RTs and provides transmission media access control between RTs and communications channels to support broadcast services, multicast services, access to PSTN, etc.
  4. The RT provides a receiver and the BST a transmitter for wireless communications
  5. The system allows the use of two distinct protocols on the radio band: IEC 60909 and IEC 61743, referred to as inverter-based resources (IBR).
  6. The use of IBR1 protocol for real-time voice services.
  7. The cables connecting the BST with RT are shielded twisted pairs and are typically used as a transmission medium, but they can also be used as a receiver/transmitter cable.
  8. The use of IBR2 protocol for data and non-real-time telemetry services at higher bit rates than real-time telemetry.
  9. IBR2-based systems also support bi-directional connections to the PSTN.
  10. The ICS is based on Inverter-Based Resources (IBR). It has been established to avoid interference problems with all other wireless devices in plants (industrial and non-industrial) and other forms of wired communications such as power lines, control systems, etc.

Underground Radio Communication System


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Improve Mine Safety & Productivity with Radio Communication

An underground radio communication system can protect miners in several ways:

  1. Emergency Communication: In case of an emergency such as a cave-in, gas leak, or other accidents, miners can use the underground radio communication systems to call for help or alert the surface team about the situation. This can help to speed up rescue efforts and ensure that injured miners receive prompt medical attention.
  2. Improved Coordination: Underground radio communication systems can help to improve coordination between miners working in different areas of the mine. This can help to prevent accidents and ensure that all miners are aware of potential hazards and safety procedures.
  3. Real-time updates: Underground radio communication systems can provide miners with real-time updates on changing conditions within the mine, such as changes in gas levels or other environmental hazards. This can help to ensure that miners are aware of potential risks and can take appropriate precautions to stay safe.
  4. Improved Productivity: Underground radio communication systems can also help to improve productivity by enabling miners to communicate more efficiently and effectively with each other and with the surface team. This can help to reduce delays and ensure that mining operations run smoothly.

Underground Radio Communication Systems and Safety Applications

Becker Wholesale Mine Supply is committed to developing technologies that increase the value of existing communication infrastructures used in mining and tunneling. We are the leader in the development and implementation of underground intelligence-based communication networks.

Becker Wholesale Mine Supply is a provider of underground radio communication systems and safety solutions. It hosts a variety of applications. The Kenwood NX-203/303 radios and VHF leaky feeder system are our latest innovations. They allow underground communication to be safe.

Underground Communication Systems With Leaky Feeders

Becker Wholesale Mine Supply’s leaky feeder underground communication system uses proven technologies and incorporates the most recent standards and features for the mining industry. Our team is commits to develop technologies that will increase the value of existing leaky feeder infrastructures, and integrate seamless data reception and transfer into the mining industry.

Becker Wholesale Mine Supply offers a range of innovative communication solutions that deliver mission-critical elements to end-users at a low cost. We design our leaky feeder systems to surpass industry standards. They are robust, reliable, responsive, and redundant.

Compatibility and Customization

Underground radio communication systems are designed to be compatible with existing Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). This compatibility enables seamless integration into the overall communication infrastructure, enhancing the system’s functionality. Additionally, these systems offer customization options, allowing for the creation of tailored solutions that address specific needs and challenges faced by different industries or projects.

Base Stations and Portable Devices

Tunnel workers and emergency personnel utilize portable devices, such as Smartcom walkie-talkies or cell phones, to communicate with each other and the central control system. These devices are equipped with a base station feature that enables direct communication with the main system. The base stations act as relay points, ensuring reliable signal transmission and seamless connectivity between personnel and the control center.

The Best Underground Radio System Out There

The SMARTCOM 100 LEAKY FEEDER SYSTEM available in Becker Communications is a modern-day version of the time-tested underground radio communication systems. Also, we design the SMARTCOM 100 LEAKY FEEDER SYSTEM for installation in either new or existing underground installations. 

The SMARTCOM 100 LEAKY FEEDER SYSTEM connects the RT and the BST with shielded twisted pair cables without the need for grounding. This makes it suitable for many existing applications that directly involve the cable runs between the RT and BST.

Underground Radio Communication System

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