Cave Radio Communications

Cave Radio Communications

What Is a Cave Radio Communication System?

Cave Radio Communication Systems are wireless communication systems designed to be used in caves or tunnels. The Cave Radio Communication System aims to decrease the possibility of explosion or fire inside cave tunnels. They do this by using wireless cave radio communications. The Cave Radio Communication System is used in caves or tunnels, and it transmits voice and data by using electromagnetic waves.

Why Are Cave Radio Communications Important?

The purpose of the Cave Radio Communication System is to transmit voice and data wirelessly inside cave tunnels. Cave Radio Communications was used in France, Japan, the United States, Italy, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. One advantage is that it works just like a wireless waypoint system.

How Does the Cave Radio Communications System Work?

The Cave Radio Communication System works just like a wireless waypoint system. It uses a transmitter to send out electromagnetic waves through radio wave channels. The receiver will receive the electromagnetic wave. Then, the wire cable transmits this information to the surface. Information that travels through a wire cable is sent to the surface, and it will be used in the computer system, or it can be analyzed on the spot.

There are some components of the Cave Radio Communication System which include caves or tunnels, a transmitter, receiver, and wire cable. And the most part is that there are some materials needed to build the system, and those materials also need to be brought from a shop or from a specific place.

Examples of Cave Radio Communications System

There are many examples of the cave radio communication system. The first is that “In the United States, CAVERNEX has installed a cave radio system and can communicate with two-way radios”.

Another example is that “In Japan, Kitamura Cave Radio, also called CTVR, was used to support the first rescue team during the Sanriku tsunami in 2011”.

What Are the Advantages of Cave Radio Communications?

If there is a problem in receiving a signal with the Cave Radio Communication System, then it will be hard to navigate through cave tunnels.

The Best Cave Radio Communications Device Out There

KENWOOD NX-203/303 Radio available in Becker Communications is a small radio, only slightly larger than a pack of playing cards. It comes with a keypad and integrated LCD display on its face. The face of the radio contains only three knobs: Volume, Fine Tune and Tone Selection. 

You can use the NX-303 with either a remote microphone or an optional headset. This radio transmits and receives in the 136–174 MHz band and comes supplied with body-worn earphones and a belt clip. 

You can use the optional MBH-21 telescoping antenna for better performance in some applications. The NX-203/303 is designed to utilize the BA-65 or BA-66 (90 dB) body-wearable PTT microphone, although any Kenwood compatible PTT microphone will work. If you would like to learn more contact us today at Becker Wholesale Mine Supply!