Tunnel Monitoring System

Tunnel Monitoring System

What Is a Tunnel Monitoring System?

A tunnel monitoring system is the complete technology package for tunnel monitoring. The system includes infra-red scanning, a self-leveling laser scanner, an advanced CCTV camera system with superior quality imaging and video management software, etc. In addition, to help with managing contract work, it can also be used as an intelligent transport information platform.

How Does a Tunnel Monitoring System Make Sense?

In essence, it analyzes tunnel status in real-time by continuously monitoring the tunnel construction through a set of monitoring sensors and other equipment. The collected data will then be uploaded to the cloud for processing. The entire process can be achieved through a mobile smart control center – a box of highly functional electronic products that are easy to use, including a tablet PC and peripheral equipment.

What can a Tunnel Monitoring System be used for?

With a comprehensive solution, this system can monitor and manage tunnel construction progress at any stage. The system’s monitoring sensors and other equipment can be set up to identify the state or direction of the tunnel.

The system’s database service is highly flexible, enabling data to be stored in different formats. Following are some examples: date, time, level measurement unit, and status of each section. The purpose of storing data in this format is to make data interpretation easier.

Examples Of Tunnel Monitoring System

(1) Multi-sensor data analysis, simulation and analysis, report generation, and alert notification. The data can also be used to create 3D visualizations that can be laid out on the mobile control center’s tablet PC screen or uploaded to residents’ mobile devices. The 3D visualization of tunnel status reports helps save time for personnel on the construction site; it allows them to direct resources more effectively and make timely adjustments when necessary. This is especially important in emergencies.

(2) Dynamic monitoring for flexibility and scalability. For example, the cloud system can automatically download data from a remote monitoring device such as a laser scanner or infrared sensor (or both) to the cloud, saving labor cost and time. And since the Tunnel Monitoring System is open source, it can be integrated with other solutions in real-time.

(3) Situation-aware management. The system’s ability to store data allows it to recognize situations and take optimal action when there is a change in tunnel status. It can also create and analyze trend reports to help with real-time management. In addition, the Tunnel Monitoring System is software-based, which means it can be used for long-term data storage and analysis.

(4) Many other features. For example, this system can integrate with on-demand services and provide real-time airborne monitoring. It also allows users to receive emergency alerts via SMS/email/push messages etc. when critical situations occur during tunnel construction or operation.

The Best Tunnel Monitoring System Out There

The SMARTCOM Tunnel Monitoring System is a total solution available in Becker Communications for monitoring ground movements in tunnels. This system includes the fixed base stations and a wireless communication network to gather the information from the tunnel and send it to a Command Control Center (CCC). If you want to learn more contact us today!