How Does Gas Monitoring Equipment Work

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Gas monitoring equipment

Becker Mining USA is a leader in providing high-quality gas monitoring equipment for underground mining operations. Gas monitoring is an essential safety measure for workers in the mine. The equipment is designed to detect and alert workers of dangerous gases in the air. 

The Function of Gas Monitoring Equipment 

Gas monitoring equipment works by detecting gases that may be present in mines, such as carbon monoxide, methane, and hydrogen sulfide. These gases can be harmful if taken in large amounts, leading to serious health problems and even death. 

Gas detectors use sensors to detect the presence of different gases. The sensors will respond to specific gases and can see low gas levels in the air. 

Once the gas is detected, a signal is sent to the control panel. The control panel is responsible for processing the call and alerting workers of the danger. Some gas monitoring equipment is also designed to shut down operations automatically, preventing workers from exposing themselves to harmful gases. 

Gas monitoring equipment

Types of Gas Monitoring Equipment 

There are several types of gas monitoring equipment available. Here are some of the most common types: 

Electrochemical Gas Detectors 

Electrochemical gas detectors are susceptible and can detect toxic gases like Carbon Monoxide. They work by using sensing electrodes in the air. When a gas comes into contact with the electrodes, it reacts and generates an electrical current. The detector can then use this current to sound the alarm, alerting workers of the hazardous gas presence. 

Catalytic Bead Gas Detectors 

Catalytic bead gas detectors, on the other hand, specialize in detecting combustible gases in the air. They use a platinum-treated wire coil that oxidizes upon contact with a gas. The oxidation reaction generates heat that alters the coil’s resistance, causing the alarm to trip. These detectors are prevalent in domestic settings and work similarly to smoke detectors. 

Infrared Gas Detectors 

Sophisticated infrared gas detectors use transmitters and receivers to measure gas levels accurately. They are most commonly used for hydrocarbon and combustible gases. Infrared sensors transmit light across a specific wavelength spectrum into a gas sample. Since different gases absorb light at different frequencies, the detector can analyze the light energy that passes through the gas sample. Suppose the sensor detects high concentrations of hazardous gas. In that case, it can raise the alarm, alerting workers of the potential danger. 

Gas detectors have varying levels of accuracy, and different technologies are used depending on the type of gas and environment. Electrochemical sensors are commonly used for non-flammable gases such as O2, H2S, and CO. In contrast, catalytic sensors can detect Hydrogen but don’t work in an inert atmosphere. Infrared technology is more costly but offers excellent stability. LEL Infrared detectors have an added advantage as they are immune to sensor poisoning and drift, extending battery life and reducing maintenance. 


Gas monitoring equipment is an essential safety measure for workers in underground mining operations. Becker Mining USA offers high-quality gas monitoring equipment to ensure the safety of workers. Gas monitoring equipment works by detecting the presence of dangerous gases in the air and signaling workers of the danger. With different types of gas monitoring equipment available, mining companies can choose the best option that suits their needs. 

Gas monitoring equipment

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