Do Radios Work In Tunnels?

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Do Radios Work In Tunnels

Have you ever wondered do radios work in tunnels? Or maybe you’ve tried to use a radio in the tunnels, and it doesn’t seem to be transmitted properly. If that’s the case, then fear not, we’re here to help. After reading this article, we hope that you’ll be able to answer that question for yourself! Let’s jump into it.

Tunnels and underground spaces are notorious for being “radio-shadowed”. This is a term that refers to the inability of a radio signal to propagate properly without obstruction. Due to the construction of tunnels, there is usually a tunnel boring machine or some other large machinery that is in place, which can prevent radio transmission.

Another reason has been that there has been a lot of interference from many sources in the past, including the AMTRAK train. The issue is now resolved, and there are no longer any issues with interference between radio transmission and AMTRAK trains.

We have found to avoid the issue of not being able to use your radio in a tunnel to use a mobile repeater or radio repeater station. A portable repeater or radio repeater station can be housed indoors for indoor use in buildings. Or, they can be mounted on the outside of the tunnel for outdoor use in tunnels.

With a portable radio system found at Becker Communications that is either handheld or mounted on your vehicle, you won’t experience any issues when you’re out on an adventure and exploring.

Also, we recommend that you use a directional antenna to reduce the problem with radio shadowing. This will help to get the signal in the right direction and eliminate interference from other areas of your surroundings.

By using our Kenwood NX-203/303 Radios, you will be able to eliminate interference. If you would like to learn more contact us today!